Welcome to the Foothill Library Consortium website.

Our Mission:

The Foothill Library Consortium is a uniquely independent  multi-type library organization dedicated to strengthening the delivery of the resources of information, knowledge, culture, history and research through the development of cooperative programs, services, and other contributions that will enable its members to reach their full potential in serving their respective clienteles.

The Consortium will promote and support the cooperative effort among multi-type libraries to assist in sustaining the thriving 21st century  library, while preserving history for posterity.  It will reduce the duplication of services and resources which answer to different funding sources, while attempting to provide levels of service basic to their missions. Libraries which cooperate are truly greater than the sum of their parts. The resources of each disparate library are often of interest to the clients of the other libraries, which, because of budget and other constraints, may not be available at each location.

It will be the mission of the consortium to satisfy six basic needs: 1) to provide essential inter-library dialog between multi-type libraries in person and via electronic networking 2) to provide the development of professional social networking between libraries 3) to provide the pooling of transportation & lodging resources/ sharing benefits professional events  such as conferences 4) to provide opportunities for collaborate mentoring and educational opportunities  for librarians, library staff 5) provide professional presentation venues for academic faculty and speakers for recipient organizations  6)   to give and receive non-monetary support and advisement for grant writing and fellowships  6) to provide joint library advocacy public programming  opportunities.


Membership Advantages:

Institutional Membership Advantages

  • Local library advocacy coordination for library initiatives for all ages.
  • Professional development workshops/ training programs
  • Mini- conferences/ symposiums (For Librarians, Library Staff/and the public)
  • Grant and fellowship support
  • Collaborative research/ Consortium

Special Collections

  • Online & face to face networking opportunities, between multi-type libraries
  • Low or no cost resource sharing through the FLC Speakers Bureau. Professional presentation venues for academic faculty. A win win solution for presenter and recipient.
  • Convenient & economically advantageous program support & collaboration between libraries  in communities in geographic proximity.

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